Winter is coming!

Yes, unfortunately, the wet, cold and dark season is fast approaching and everybody’s motivation to stay active takes a sharp nose dive under the safe refuge of a cosy blanket in front of the fire.

For many tis the season of f**k it, I’ll wait until the New Year and I’ll be super motivated and dedicated to my get fit resolution. To you guys I say why wait? Winter is LONG and cold and gloomy enough without having to feel lethargic, bloated and stiff from sitting down all day. Avoid the massive implosion of New Year resolutioners on January 1st trying to reverse the damage of the jolly season.

Here are some tips on how to stay active this winter:

  1. Make time! Now, I’m not on about, “I think I’ll go to the gym this week”, I mean write it down in a calendar, set a reminder in your phone, book a class/trainer etc.
  2. Wake up, get up, get active: Do a quick morning workout before you shower and head to work. Plan a workout the night before so that your body is moving and sweating before it realises its -2 outside and that it would rather be tucked snuggly under the duvet.
  3. Snoozing is losing! Fight the urge to hit the snooze button. Research shows that snoozing can mess up your entire day. Yes, your body needs time to wake up but by hitting the snooze button actually leads to that groggy feeling that leaves the body and mind confused. Just think how energised you will be after your morning workout instead of that slow, groggy feeling you get from cowering under the blanket.
  4. Buddy up: Sometimes personal motivation just isn’t enough so arrange a catch up date with your friend go for coffee and an activity of your choice and no, sitting is NOT an ACTIVITY! P.S. black coffee can be a great pre-workout drink taken 20mins before your workout.
  5. Montage Music! We’ve all had that moment where we hear a really good ‘choon’ and you get pumped. Create a kick ass playlist for your car journey or gym session. This works well if you are hitting the gym after work and it’s been a slog of a day and you’re thinking well you might just skip today’s session. Flip that switch; crank up the music and here comes that energy to crush it in the gym.
  6. Keep it Simple Smarty (K.I.S.S) Don’t overthink exercise, if the thought of having to drive half an hour to your gym to pump iron for hours puts the fear in you then don’t do it! Go for a 20 minute run around your estate/area, do an awesome HIIT workout in your living room.

Something is better than nothing, when nothing becomes habit nothing changes!