Tricky Thirties

Ok so you spent your 20s finding yourself and you finally feel comfortable in who you are, what you want in life and what is important to you.

You may be looking to start a family, or maybe your already knee deep in diapers. Maybe you have decided you want to further your education or career.

Then you start to realise your body isn’t cooperating as well as it used to; those hangovers are hanging around way too long, wrinkles are becoming more noticeable and weight around the mid area just won’t budge.

On the one hand you feel like you have a handle on things but on the other you have more demands and more responsibility. This means you have less time to look after yourself.

In your 30s, you realise AHHH I’m an adult now and you may find that you need to:

Adapt your activity levels and calorie intake to counter that slightly slower metabolism. (Remember how you used to be able to demolish a pizza, sides and six cans no bother? WHY! Life’s not fair!)

Be more careful with the quality of your intake. Your body might be a little more sensitive to what you feed it. For example, you may find you can’t tolerate alcohol as well.

Optimize your hormonal (and overall) health if you are planning on starting or growing a family.

Create simple nutrition and fitness routines that means scheduling and prepping! (e.g. quick, effective workouts or fast-prep healthy dinners).

Find activites that help you unwind! Include de-stressing type activities as part of your exercise routine.

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