The Grocery List

Today’s tip is to pre plan your trip to your local shop. By this I mean not only write down the items of food you wish to get but put some thought into the meals you wish to make. Many people go row to row picking out foods only to arrive home and go hmm what can I make?

If your fridge is like my wardrobe at the minute full of one think and not enough of everything else then this would be a good skill to get used to! Writing a menu for the week also prevents disappoint when you hit Thursday or Friday open the press to find it empty. This inevitably leads to convenience buying or calling your favourite takeaway spot.

Next make sure your meals contain the necessary macronutrients for healthy function. Macronutrients consist of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Are you hitting that 10 portions of fruit/vegetables per day (if you never eat either aim for 4-5 per day to start)? My meal choice can greatly increase the amount of fruit and vegetables in my daily intake, if I plan before I buy.

Finally, buy as naturally as possible! If it grows in the ground or is an animal/fish then that’s as natural as it gets 🙂 Take a look at the packaging and see how many ingredients are listed. The more ingredients the more processed the item tends to be. Sugar free and fat free contain substitutes, nothing fat free or sugar free tastes nice so products need something else in order to sell. Hint: anything the ends in “ose” is related to sugar.

So next time you do your groceries make a meal out of it 🙂

The Grocery List

If you don’t have a list DON’T shop! It is easy to pick up everything and anything if you don’t have a plan so to avoid temptation write your list before you go and STICK to it. Before you go shopping try and plan ahead what meals you are going to make. List the ingredients you need for each meal. Pre planning your meals means you know exactly what’s in your fridge and what you can do with it. Try and plan to prep and cook for 2-5 days in advance. The food is ready and waiting for you when you need it.

You are in control. You create the list; you choose to stick to it; you bring the foods home and ultimately you choose to cook those foods. The sole responsibility of your nutritional intake is on your shoulders. You CAN DO it!

Keep in mind your activity levels for the week. If you plan on exercising at high intensity loads be sure that your meals contain the necessary nutrients to replenish and repair the body. Consider the nutrient timing rule for post workout meals/snacks. If you are planning a low week you will not need as many carbohydrate rich foods.