What some of my Clients have to say!

“I cannot recommend Cathy Campbell as a personal trainer highly enough.

While recovering from an illness and years of inactivity, Cathy has helped me achieve my goals of building strength, improved fitness levels and very significant weight loss.

Her unrelenting support, advice and desire to see me succeed goes far beyond what you would normally expect from a personal trainer.

She is very knowledgeable and totally dedicated to her work and her clients.

I can unreservedly recommend Cathy to anyone seeking a top personal trainer willing to work as hard for you as you are for yourself.” Noel, self employed.


“I had only just began working out with Cathy when I found out I was pregnant, immediately I rang her and told her my situation. We had been trying for ages and I was worried that lifting weights would put my pregnancy at risk. Cathy reassured me that exercising was perfectly safe and would actually help ease some of the symptoms. One of my main concerns was putting on loads of weight like my sister had. Thankfully, I was able to keep exercising throughout my pregnancy under Cathy’s watchful eye 🙂 I loved working out, it made me feel like superwoman and we kept our sessions right up to the 36 week mark, thanks a mill Cathy” Jen, 34, mum to be


“Cathy approached me to test out one of her online programs. She knew I had a busy work life and was always complaining about never being able to fit in exercise. Her programs were quick, effective and easy to follow. Although I found it hard to motivate myself to workout alone, Cathy’s weekly check-ins and progress sheet helped to keep me on my toes! The info sheets on food gave me power over my diet choices and made me realise my portion sizes were massive. I did a 6 week home workout and lost 6.5lbs! Whats more Im still using the exercises and food tips 4 weeks on 🙂 ” Laura, 38, Raheen Limerick


I weighed 21 stone and could not believe how it had happened at 37 years of age.

Something had to change, and it did…Cathy Grant. From day one Cathy organised a detailed program to specifically suit my goals. Over the next 9 months Cathy altered my program as and when she knew it would be most beneficial.
Cathy also monitored my food intake and exercise I was undertaking outside of our sessions, she advised on simple tweeks I should make here and there which would benefit me more and they always did.
After 9 months with Cathy I lost 5 stone, and even now if I stumble along the way I always have my program and know how to fall back on.
I will always to grateful to Cathy for the motivation , every time it was needed.
Jim, 35, Limerick

I contacted Cathy a few months after working with her in Elite Personal Training, I had just finished surgery and needed to rehab my back and hips. Through zoom I was able to work with Cathy strengthening my muscles and relieving any pain I had. It took 12 weeks but the improvement was amazing I could sleep on my left side again! Cathy I cannot thank you enough for your time and effort, even as challenging as it was.

Dee, 55, Online Coaching