Pregnancy & Me 3rd Trimester

person touching stomach

As the count down gets closer and closer I thought it would be nice to make a note of the symptoms associated with the third trimester and how I have found ways to work around them. Like I have said before pregnancy symptoms differ from person to person and from pregnancy to pregnancy. Here’s are the most common symptoms in the third trimester and tips on how to minimize them;

Poor sleep- this one infuriates me! Several times over the last few weeks I have found myself up at all hours buzzing, twitching, cramping, hungry and emotional (my poor family). Its taken me hours of twitching & turning to give in to the hormones and just make the most of it; reading, tidying, organising my next day or even getting out of bed for a few minutes has helped get me back to sleep faster.

Constipation: Yes this returns so keep drinking plenty of water and eating wholegrains and lots of fibre (fruit & veg) to help keep things constant. Staying active also keeps things moving so get out for a walk or some modified exercise!

Back pain: Yes the added pounds will take their toll on you towards the end and if like me you have other kids you love to lift and cuddle it can make things a little tight. Make sure when you are practising good posture, the added weight can cause you to alter your gait, or the way you pick things up which can make things worse. Sitting, lying or even standing in one spot for long periods of time actually make things worse so get up and move around! Elevated bridges (hip thrusts), back stretches and baths should all help relieve these pains. I like to use a warm hot water bottle sometimes but nothing beats a walk and a little stretching.

Heartburn: “Oh baby must have a lot of hair!” or so the old wives tale goes! For me eating alot of chocolate esp dark choc, tomatoes, stress and eating too quickly gave me heartburn. During my first pregnancy I got this from start to finish of third trimester and only occasionally on this one (TF)! Lying completely flat on my sides seemed to only aggravate things so I had to elevate my upper body. What helped? Lovehearts (yes the sweets) and Rennie when it was really bad. Eating slowly seemed to be key also so sit and enjoy that meal and stop when you feel full. You can always have it later 🙂

Leg cramps: so you finally get comfortable and/or have fallen asleep and this sudden pain makes you jump up in pain and scream the house down! The lovely leg cramps have kicked in! For me this was more of a constant twitchiness in my legs, a stinging sensation or numb feeling. To help with this avoid standing for long periods of time, and drink enough fluids. Once this sets in try getting up stretching the area and moving around. My trusty hot water bottle helped relieve the stinging sensation many a time!

There you have it some of the most common symptoms experienced during the third trimester. Only two nights ago I got up and went downstairs to my husband just simply fed-up! The twitching, tiredness, tight back and heartburn…I had had enough, the emotions took over and the tears followed and…the moment passed and guess what I felt better, I went back to sleep and a new day was here. For all these symptoms and frustrations are short term and soon very soon I will be meeting my little girl and it will be all worth it! My advice for this trimester is to acknowledge what’s happening, remind yourself it will pass and be kind to yourself with rest, exercise, work and all the other stuff. You have done an amazing job caring for this little gift and soon you will get to unwrap it and enjoy all that comes with it.