Perfection is the enemy of progress~Winston Churchill

So many of us aim to be perfect: at our work, our house, our family/friends even in the mirror and I don’t know about you but this can be exhausting! I used to be a perfectionist and at times it still comes out when I’m stressed which only makes things worse. The constant worry of things not turning out the way I want or not living up to the idea of what I thought was perfect was draining and depressing!
Most of my clients think I’m perfect and as such look to me for all the answers. The TRUTH is I am good at exercise because I do it consistently. I can keep my body in good shape because I am consistent with my eating not PERFECT.
I value balance over perfection and the ability to eat well consistently is way more enjoyable and sustainable. I do think we look for the perfect diet or perfect way to exercise instead of focusing on whats doable over time. New Year New You for example: I’m going to be the fittest, healthiest and eat the cleanest EVER! And we all know what happens here; we give it socks for a month or two end up revolting against the regime and doing a complete 180 back to old ways detesting exercise and all things green.
So perfection my friends can be over-rated and there is such as thing as achieving your goals lets just make them more realistic and enjoyable! It scares me the amount of women out there with disordered eating habits because of this constant SALE of the perfect body and that it can only be achieved eating this way or exercising that way or taking this pill. So if you are starting or looking to change your diet/body/routine then don’t put unrealistic pressure on yourself to be perfect.
👍Start small: allow the small changes build to something that is consistent.
⚖️Balance: Look at your life now what fits? can you add something that will benefit your health/fitness/happiness?
🕰️Time: give yourself time to make the changes. Believe it or not taking time for yourself will benefit other parts of your life
🧠Focus: on what you have achieved and not on what’s left to go. oo many of us fail because we focus on the things we have failed to do perfectly and QUIT and not on the things we do right consistently. As the saying goes SLOW PROGRESS IS BETTER THAN NO PROGRESS!