Online coaching is a great way to receive expert level coaching from wherever you are in the world through a completely online based program. You can choose from home workouts, gym programs and nutrition plans that suit your requirements.

I want you to have the skills, motivation and knowledge to continue your healthy lifestyle journey and make progress long after you finish.

Online coaching gives you control over your results, providing you with a large amount of accountability as you check in weekly with the coach. We can monitor everything from your sleep, nutrition, hydration levels and stress and discuss how this impacts your life.

This type of training provides you with the opportunities to train, eat healthily and succeed in a positive, supportive environment. Plans are tailored to your lifestyle, your goals and level of experience. 

Minimum sign up is 3 months.

Cost: From €40 per month



Initial consultation – Detailed questionnaire including goal setting, before photos, diet history and evaluation, training history and evaluation.

Periodized training program based on your goals

Nutritional advice 

Monthly check ins

Monthly feedback on diet and training adjustments.

Access to my online exercise library

Personal training is a high quality service that will change your life; improve your health, your relationship with food and achieve the results you desire.

Cathy prides herself in delivering you the highest standard of one to one coaching in order to maximise your potential and reach your goals.

If you would like to apply for Personal training please fill out the form below.

**Spaces are limited for personal training and may only be available at certain times**


First you will fill out a detailed questionnaire including goal setting, before photos, diet history and evaluation, training history and evaluation, lifestyle evaluation and injury screening. From this questionnaire we will make your individualized program based around your lifestyle. We tailor your nutrition and training to what we think will suit you best. We will give you a realistic timeline for you to achieve your goals and continue to set mini goals along the way ranging from performance goals in the gym to habitual changes with your lifestyle.


Weekly check ins;

We then check in every week to monitor progress. We get you to fill out detailed report forms and tracking sheets so that we can get as much information as possible to help us make the right adjustments and advice. We monitor a number of variables like stress, sleep, hydration, recovery, performance and hunger. A combination of these along with feedback from the client will allow us to give detailed updates and recommendations going forward.

We will respond with your updates within 24 hours of your check in.

Cost: €45 per session



Initial consultation – Goal Setting, measurements, before photos, structural balance assessment, functional movement screening, diet evaluation.

Individualized program tailored towards your goals.

Nutritional advice based on your likes, dislikes, lifestyle, and goals. I believe providing you with the knowledge is more beneficial than forcing you to eat a structured plan leads to long term success.

Constant monitoring and adjustments to diet/training based on results.

Quality one to one coaching with a heavy focus on technique.

Learn how to train and eat so you can continue to do it after we finish.

Re-evaluations every 4 weeks to monitor progress and set new goals.