After 10 years of working in the fitness industry Cathy has learned that the answer to a person’s health goals usually doesn’t just happen by handing them a program. There is no straight line to success, it involves many ups and downs set-backs and strides forward and usually what starts out as a mission for better fitness tends to have a bigger meaning. Cathy qualified as a life coach and wants to provide the best service possible for all her clients. Below is are just some of the services Cathy provides either in person (Limerick based) or online:


Health & Diet

As a fitness coach I will help you improve your physical conditioning, while also helping you condition your mind. The focus here is your Health as a whole; food, exercise, behaviours and mental health.

Sick of yoyo-ing from diet to diet and wondering why you can’t just stick with a diet? Going all out with exercise only to forget about it after a few weeks?More than likely there is something else going on. Cathy can help you find ways to balance your diet and in turn help balance your mood. This involves looking at the reasons causing bad food and exercise choices. The benefits include:

  • Improve your general health to have more energy and feel fitter
  • Lose weight by addressing the symptoms
  • Better balance of exercise in your life

Improving Confidence & Self Esteem

Fear and self belief are powerful tools when used correctly! One has the power to take you where you want to go! The other will stop you from trying. Before you can achieve your goals you must first of all 1) want to change 2) believe you can do it! Through a series of sessions we can work on finding that inner confidence needed. What we will cover or uncover in our sessions:

  • Understanding self-esteem; why you have low self-esteem and where it comes from
  • Address those negative thoughts
  • Begin building a stronger, more positive view of yourself.
  • How to look after yourself (MLC)
  • Using your support network to improve your confidence and self esteem

Goal Setting & Motivation

Do you want to achieve a goal but: don’t know where to start? think it is out of your reach? Want to learn how to use your motivation in an efficient way? Together we can work on the tools necessary to set you on your path and find ways to monitor your performance. Together we can;

  • Set goals that are important to you. This will help you stay motivated
  • Set goals that are aligned to your beliefs and values
  • Decide on a realistic timeline for completion
  • Separating what is important from what is irrelevant
  • Building your self-confidence, based on successful achievement of goals.

Assertiveness and Communication

Finding you are lost amongst the noise of your colleagues/friends/ family members. Do you want to learn how to communicate where you feel you are valued and non threatening? Learn how communication skills and being more assertive can assist you in your everyday life through;

  • Identifying what’s important?
  • What’s Keeping You From Being Assertive?
  • Behaviour Types & Outcomes
  • Learn Assertiveness Skills
  • What makes a good communicator?
  • Active Listening and how to use it

Stress Management

Life can be stressful at times, some people bask in stress and use it to motivate them. Others drown in it and allow it to overwhelm them affecting not only their physical but mental health. Some symptoms of stress include:

  • Sleep disturbance
  • Poor concentration and memory lapses
  • Depression
  • Stomach churning
  • Palpitations and panic attacks
  • Sweating and headache

Stress can lead to diseases that can cause illness. This is probably one of the most frequent reasons that people look for change. Through a series of stress management coaching and meetings, you can begin to understand how to manage stress effectively with present situations now and in future stressful situations.

Time Management

Planning and organising are essential skills for modern day life. Unfortunately these skills are not taught in schools. Together  we can help you improve your time management skills. Effective time management allows you to be more in control of what you want, the ability to plan for it, organise yourself and monitor your progress against your plan.

For many they are too busy to; get fit, prep food, meet family members, accomplish a goal etc however, usually it is a case of time management. When we break down the day/week/month into small achieveable goals and time pockets we can be way more productive. Through a series of sessions we can establish a schedule to follow that allows you do all  the things that are important to you.


Decision Making Skills

Sometimes we are faced with hard decisions, some are life changing others are choosing which takeout to order. If you find it hard to make decisions and put things on the long finger then now’s the time to equip yourself with these skills. Did you know whether you choose to make a decision or not make a decision you are ultimately making a decision either way. Learn how to; make a decision you can be happy with, one that benefits you and how to deal with hard choices down the road. By utilising Six C’s of Decision Making to help you make those difficult choices in life.

  • Construct a clear picture of precisely what must be decided.
  • Compile a list of requirements that must be met.
  • Collect information on alternatives that meet the requirements.
  • Compare alternatives that meet the requirements.
  • Consider the “what might go wrong” factor with each alternative.
  • Commit to a decision and follow through with it.

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