Here comes the bride-a guide to eating the morning of the big day!

So you have put in all the work, planning every detail, organising everyone involved and killed it in the gym in the months leading up to your wedding day. And you want to make sure you look and feel stunning walking down the aisle! Here’s a few tips on how to avoid feeling bloated and still having energy for a busy but wonderful day.

Things to avoid:

DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST! Weddings are LONG! And chances are the next time you get the chance to eat will be when you are sitting down at the table for dinner. Think about it this way you are probably up early to get the hair and makeup done, then it’s off to the church, then you have to go from the church to the reception, photos, meet and greet people, more photos and then its dinner time. Believe me you will not feel the day go! What you will feel is tired, possibly dizzy and somewhat hangry if you forgo on a good meal in the morning.

No Irish wedding is complete without the traditional fry up; rashers, sausages, eggs, toast, black pudding, hash browns. Although you feel like you may need to fuel up for the day; a salty, carby meal outline above will lead to bloating and will make you sleepy rather than energize you! Salt causes water retention which leads to bloating!

Bubbles anyone? Sorry to disappoint you ladies but another tradition of popping open some champers or prosecco also causes bloating If you want to enjoy a sip or two limit the amount you drink or add a fruit juice to the bubbly to limit the damage!

Weddings can be full of drama, with ups and downs even on the day, avoid having your sugar levels do the same! A balanced breakfast leads to balanced sugar levels. Make sure you include protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. This will ensure your blood sugar stays level stable throughout the day.

Wedding day breakfast ideas:

If nerves are making you lose your appetite try mixing up a smoothie you can sip as you get ready! Add protein powder, spinach and banana to a fruit of your choice sip away knowing you will feel full, energized and ready to go!

Other suggestions

Fruit bowl with yoghurt and nuts/seeds: banana, oranges, cantaloupe, cashew nuts and chia seeds

Omlette with avocado, tomato, spinach, potato, sweet potato, and pumpkin (depending on your reaction to each, you know which suit you).

Turkey burger or turkey sausages with spinach, melon and one other veg

Poached eggs with cooked spinach and tomato, topped with sliced avocado, with a small side of roasted sweet potato wedges.

I also suggest having something in the car just in case as the day is long and you dont really get a chance to eat until the meal-I had protein bars on stand by!