Cathy has always been an active person, and it has given her the experience and skills to deal with life’s ups and downs life. Through these experiences she has developed a passion and the knowledge to help others adopt a positive relationship with food and exercise. The greatest fulfilment she gets from her job is when clients become happier in themselves, be it healthier eating habits, weight-loss or increasing strength and tone.

For a long time Cathy was a very anxious person, she never felt she was good enough, and she was constantly stressed. Exercise calmed her, it gave her a release, something to focus on and feel success with. It wasn’t until the last few years that Cathy noticed the link between the foods she was eating and the impact it had on her mood and energy levels. And this drove her interest in nutrition. Cathy is not a fan of fad diets, short cuts and overnight transformations. Now Cathy promotes long term behavioural change and body confidence by focusing on doing more of the small things right! 

Cathy believes that exercise should be a part of our daily life, a habit just like eating, sleeping or socialising. Because you’re worth it! Your health is important to her! As you are told by air stewardesses on a flight attend to yourself before you attend to others. You may have dependents that are dragging you in different directions everyday but if you’re not healthy you can’t look after them.

Why did Cathy start online coaching?

One drawback for personal training especially in Ireland is the availability of time and location to work with clients. With online training I work with more clients and its not restricted by time or place. The great thing about exercising is that the plans can be tailored to the client’s access to space, time and equipment.